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🌴 Materials: wood, acrylic, silver plated metal, tigers eye gemstone, reconstructed turquoise gemstone

🌴Available sizes are 7, 7.5, and 8.5 inches

🌴Refer to this chart for sizing

*Note: if you need an adjustment please tell us in the NOTE section upon checkout*

Men's Sizes(in.) _____Women's Sizes(in)

XS_____5.75-6.25______ 5.0-5.5

S______6.25-6.75______ 5.5-6.0

M_____ 6.75-7.25 ______6.0-6.5

L______7.25-7.75_______ 6.5-7.0

XL_____7.75-8.25______ 7.0-7.5

Black Mist Turquoise and Tigers Eye Bracelet Type 2

SKU: 760000000126
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